Using create-react-class in your React apps

In React 16, Facebook are deprecating the React.createClass() syntax for creating new components, preferring the new ES6 class method. Already from React 15.5.0, they start reminding you about this. They favour replacing var Greeting = React.createClass (); with class Greeting extends React.Component {} You should absolutely upgrade to the new ES6 way but that involves … Continue reading Using create-react-class in your React apps

Migrate Gitorious to GitLab

For the script, find it on GitHub Our company recently moved over 200 of our Git repositories from our self-hosted Gitorious server to the brand-new GitLab. Moving over to GitLab has completely changed our workflow. Gitorious hadn’t been getting updates and in fact the company has been bought by GitLab. GitLab offers unlimited users and repositories … Continue reading Migrate Gitorious to GitLab